Added Value

Added value services are provided to assist the employee and employer develop reasonable accommodation and set up ongoing monitoring of accommodation effectiveness and alignment with business objectives.

Measuring effectiveness and ROI

The program includes use of The Emerson Suite which provides tools based on assessment of job effectiveness, outcomes, objectives/metrics, and action plans. 

Developing the Thrive Plan 

The employee's personal Thrive Plan is developed and reviewed by the employee assisted by coaching to design action, identify supporting structures and resources, accommodation requirements, and align employee's peak performance goals with the employer's key performance measurements.

Communicating with employer

To ensure mutual agreement between employer and employee regarding requirements and expectations, the employer receives a summary report identifying key issues and recommendations for developing the Accommodation Plan to support successful return-to-work experience for the employee.

Personal Experience -Women and Cancer Focus Group Findings

My own experience and conversations with women business owners and executives with cancer taught me that we experience the typical challenges related to financial well-being, personal and professional relationships, and impact of work on our health with greater intensity than the general population. We experience debilitating challenges and fears related to confidentiality, status, career momentum, motivation, desire, enthusiasm, confidence, and self-doubt (to name a few). Our challenges and fears are emotionally charged.

Women in our focus group unanimously agreed that the cancer experience has a major impact on our perception of who we are and how we fit in both our personal and professional lives.

Business Case

Our best business case to illustrate return on investment is my own experience. My overall return-to-work experience provided a powerful impetus for reinventing my work and redefining my life. I reignited my passion for my work, rejuvenated my peak performance, and emerged as a very different leader. I discovered a new sense of wellbeing with a renewed commitment to and love for my work.  My verve, zest, and edge are back!

In this signature executive coaching program, I and qualified coaches who have lived the experience, share valuable insights and refined strategies integrating emotional intelligence and positive psychology in the workplace to help peak performers return to work with solutions to their challenges and fears and to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives. Much of our language around cancer focusses on surviving. We want to change the language. We want to THRIVE!