Return from the 2nd Canadian Positive Psychology Conference

A view of the Parliament Buildings from the Chateau Laurier

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I returned from the 2nd Canadian Positive Psychology Conference with exciting insights to share with my clients who, like me, are committed to making the workplace a better place for everyone.

My intentions were satisfied beyond expectations with an array of presentations and activities that support peak performance and flourishing individuals.

Kudos to Educators

Although my focus for learning was related to the workplace, I was “wowed” by the work being done in our educational systems. Positive Psychology “intervention strategies” are helping educators and their students build strong psychological and emotional foundations.  Students around the world are being introduced to a different way of navigating life that contributes to their resilience and overall state of happiness. Kudos to all those educators who are open to a new way of thinking and new strategies for developing our future leaders at home, at work, and in our communities.

Post-traumatic Growth and Return-to-Work Policy

At the CPPA conference, I gravitated toward the intriguing concept of “Post-traumatic Growth”. I have been researching post-traumatic growth since experiencing first-hand how grieving and critical illness affects performance and how it relates to return-to-work issues and policy. In future blogs, I will present the research and the practical application of this concept in the workplace. I intend to increase awareness around what happens when your peak performers experience a traumatic event or a critical illness. I will challenge the status quo and the management attitude and platitude of “business-as-usual”. I will present strategies and interventions that are good for business, good for the workplace, and good for the community? And, let’s not forget good for the individual. Everyone has the right to flourish!

Let's Play for Peak Performance

If you have read recent blogs about peak performance, you will appreciate this 54-second Silent Disco video clip that reinforces the many benefits of play at work. Turn up the volume to hear my voice describing the event.  You won't hear the music.  I leave that to your imagination.  We truly “broke out” inside and outside the Chateau Laurier with an activity called “Silent Disco”.   As we paraded our dance outside the hotel to music heard only through our personal headphones, we attracted crowds of Ottawa visitors at the height of tourist season. I am sure we were branded as crazy Canadians even though CPPA conference attendees came from all over the world.

Silent Disco is an activity that is spreading like flash-mobs; in parks; on school campuses; at public events; and workplace events. A major benefit is the mind-body connection to induce creativity and peak performance. Learn more about Silent Disco at .

Coming up in the next blog.  The final step in 5 Steps to Build Peak Performance - #5 Shine.  Use the right rewards to promote loyalty and stoke your the desire to excel.

Stay positive