Making the workplace a great place for people, profits, and true growth

Founded in 1992, Maestro Quality's unique name expresses the role and the essence of how we deliver a positive experience for our clients. In a symphony, the maestro's role is to interpret the music and integrate the talent of musicians and instruments to meet and exceed the audience's expectations. We interpret and integrate business standards and best practices and coordinate our clients' talent and resources to create a workplace that meets and exceeds stakeholder expectations.

Speaking the Language of Excellence!

We draw on personal experience, extensive business experience, and a unique approach blending Quality and Professional Coaching principles with Emotional Intelligence concepts to serve a select group of business owners, senior executives, and their executive teams.  

Core competencies and differentiators

We have a passion for interpreting standards. We apply a unique approach combining consulting and coaching principles along with emotional intelligence for developing the capacity and capability of your executive team and positive psychology to engage your entire organization in implementing business programs that meet the goals and objectives of your business, your employees, and your clients.

Patricia A. Muir, The Maestro


Clients and colleagues know Patricia for her conceptual thinking style and ability to interpret and integrate different standards for developing and implementing effective sustainable business systems leading to better workplace environments and positive impact on profitability. Read testimonials and watch video testimonials on our Testimonial page.